How Much Does a Colonoscopy Cost?

How much does a colonoscopy cost? A lot of the cost of this procedure depends upon where you decide to have it done. The cheapest way to have a colonoscopy is by having it at the doctor’s office. Sometimes called an outpatient procedure, you would simply go in for your appointment and then leave once it is completed. Ambulatory surgical centers are more expensive because of fees and hospitals are often the most expensive place of them all.

The Use of a Sedative Also Increases Costs

How much does a colonoscopy cost? Some doctors who provide colonoscopies have the ability to administer a sedative themselves during a procedure. If this is the case for your provider, then there is a good chance that there won’t be an added cost to your colonoscopy. Sometimes other doctors or health providers that work with the doctor performing the colonoscopy can administer the sedative for a small fee. Anesthesiologists are often the most expensive option and these doctors are often utilized when a colonoscopy is performed at a hospital.

Changes In Health Care Will Affect Pricing

How much does a colonoscopy cost? As the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, becomes fully implemented, it will prevent providers from being able to cost-share on procedures. Another mechanism of the ACA is that providers agree to be compensated a flat rate cost for each patient that a provider has registered to see. This means that it becomes advantageous for providers to do their best to keep their patients healthy and a low-cost colonoscopy is an easy way to make sure there isn’t some nefarious disease developing inside a patient.

For those with comprehensive insurance already, nothing will change. Whether that is through a privatized plan or a single-payer system, colonoscopy costs might vary a little by provider, but your costs are generally fixed because of your co-pays, deductibles, and/or monthly contributions.

What Can You Do About Colonoscopy Costs?

The best thing that you can do about the cost of a colonoscopy is to be proactive about your procedure. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what charges you may have. Keep your insurance policy close to see what co-pays or deductibles you may be responsible to pay. Most importantly, be sure to follow the tips that you’ve seen on this site to make sure that you are paying a fair price instead of an inflated price for your procedure.

A colonoscopy is an effective way to diagnose a health problem that may just be beginning or may be in a more advanced stage, but not causing any noticeable symptoms. The cost of a colonoscopy shouldn’t be something that causes someone to avoid having this needed procedure done! How much does a colonoscopy cost? It could end up costing a lot more in the long term if you don’t have your needed procedure completed.